My "40 Before 40" List or the Most Ridiculous New Years Resolution List Ever!

Updated November 3, 2014

Originally posted in Evernote and announced on Facebook Jan. 1, 2014

So, in 2013, I regularly asked myself, “Self: why did my life seem so totally one dimensional and boring this year? I feel banal and dull and I work too much!”

I will be turning 40 years old in about 12 months and I want to make my life fun again!

As the old saying goes, actions speak louder than words. So, to actualize these ideas, I'm publicly stating the following list of actions I’m attempting to take in 2014.

Not sure I'll be able to accomplish them all but, hey, it will make my life better regardless!

The List

(In no particular order...)

  1. Begin teaching yoga again
  2. Meditate 100 times: in progress (lots to do!)
  3. Practice yoga 100 times (20 min. minimum): in progress (lots to do!). Note: removed "at home"
  4. Surf 50 times. In progress (42 down)
  5. Watch 50 different Ted talks. Done! See fill list here.
  6. Execute 5,000 push ups over 12 months. In progress just over 1,500 left to do!
  7. Go skydiving
  8. Get licensed to ride a motorcycle. Scheduled for Nov. 22
  9. Rent a telephoto lens and photograph wildlife. Done: see blog here.
  10. Take and post 150 new photographs. In progress. 76 posted (includes eight Facebook posts not listed here, images in blogs, and 7 photos in our recent Conserve report [see some of the small round ones]). 
  11. Ask 25 strangers to take their photograph. In progress.
  12. Photograph myself and others surfing (waterproof camera). Done: see surfing images here.
  13. Host a pizza party. Done.
  14. Finish my bug-out bag. In progress.
  15. Take a wilderness survival training course. Scheduled for
  16. Buy and drink a bottle of Macallan 18 scotch (must drink 60% of it myself). Done!
  17. Take three salsa dance lessons. In progress with two down, one to go.
  18. Watch three Hitchcock movies. Done! Strangers on a Train, Vertigo, and Dial M for Murder
  19. Give a really good restaurant server a 100% tip. Done! ($20 tip on a $20 bill)
  20. Donate $500 to a worthy cause(s). Done! $75 to KCLU, $75 to No Kid Hungry; $495 to Taste of the Nation (No Kid Hungry auction; see images here); $75 to World Wildlife Fund = $720
  21. Participate in Mo-vember. Done! Donate here.
  22. Participate in at least one beach cleanup
  23. Cook 10 new recipes I haven't tried before (from my collection of cookbooks)
  24. Read five books I already own and have not yet read
  25. Visit three different art museums. Done!
  26. See two plays. Done! Capital Steps and You Can't Take it With You.
  27. See six live music shows. In progress. Four down.
  28. See two live lectures on a non-work related topic. Half way there. Saw an awesome lecture about wolves at UCSB. 
  29. Develop and launch my own website ( Done!
  30. Sell at least one of my photographs. Not yet, but hopefully soon.
  31. Write to my Congressional representatives three times about issues I care about
  32. Take a 3 day "staycation." Done!
  33. Visit the Channel Islands (off of Ventura). Done! Blog forthcoming.
  34. Go to the Stone Brewing company. Done! See blog post here.
  35. Calculate my carbon footprint for the year and purchase offsets
  36. Do at least one two-week cleanse
  37. Go to NYC and visit family. Done!
  38. Redo: weigh ~205 by my 40th birthday (Fail: Weigh under 200 lbs for at least 6 months total)
  39. Donate blood twice. In progress. Donated once on 4/27.
  40. Write and post 20 blogs/podcasts/videos about these experiences. In progress. See blog page and more to come.