Thank you all who participated in Movember this year and for all who donated. I'm both honored and encouraged by your generosity.

Team No Shoes, No 'Stache, No Service raised $991 for our first year!

Thanks to all of you who made it rain donations. Plus, it did literally rain on the Los Angeles Movember fiesta (quite a lot) and closed down the Pacific Coast Highway (I was late because of it).

That said, there were many Mo' bros and sistas stayed to the end! Awards were given out for best 'stache, best costume, and the like.  Great times all around and extremely friendly and hairy people.

This also counts as one of my 40 Before 40 list of asking 25 strangers to take their photograph (check!).

Join me next year in growing mustache to protect the face of men's health.

See you again hairy upper lips in November 2015!