So, got a new iPhone and thought I'd give it a whirl with images and video. Wanted to get the iPhone 6, but after a little number crunching, it was going to cost a whopping $1,200 more over two years than getting a used iPhone 5 and using Ting (cellular provider).


The camera is impressive! Very sharp and super intuitive to use.

While impressive, user friendly, and fun (and the iPhone 6 camera is supposed to be even better) it can't compare with a full DSLR camera for image quality.

The DSLR's imaging chip is much larger and able to capture more light and raw information (plus all the post production options you can't get in an iPhone).

Click on the example at right (taken with my Canon 7D at the same location as the ocean panorama) and notice there is more area, depth, and contrast in the image. That said, I don't always have a full blown DLSR body, lens, and tripod in my pocket to take photos! Plus, there is the steep learning curve for DSLR photography (they don't offer Master's degrees in iPhone photography for a reason) as well as the cost factor, which is many times more than a used iPhone. 

All in all, while it will never replace a DSLR, the iPhone camera is leaps and bounds above what I previously had for a camera phone and is simply enjoyable to use!


It is cool and super easy to use with the new software. The quality is not the best (in part due to Vimeo rendering) bit by adding the free iMovie app, you can add music, text, and crop the videos. Here are some fun examples where I discovered the "slow motion" capability and went a little overboard...

Music is Amassakoul 'n' Tenere by Tinariwen.

Look for more, and hopefully increasingly better posts, using my newly acquired iPhone 5s!